Introduction to the Behind The Story podcast – 001

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Welcome to this very first episode of the Behind The Story podcast! Drum roll 🙂

I would like to start by giving a big shout out to my young boy, Romain (in picture below), who has composed my opening music!

With the ‘Behind The Story’ podcast, I bring to you a weekly show about transitions in life and taking ownership and action on your career.  The interviews are very conversational, but educational and entertaining.

Each week, an inspiring entrepreneur or guest who has made radical choices to lead a more fulfilling career and path in life, will come on and tell his or her inspiring story. And as I learn and grow I hope that you do too.

Wasn’t it Eleanor Rooseveldt who said: “Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You?”

I think to achieve personal growth it is necessary to move outside your comfort zone. So, ask yourself the question: “What lurks inside me dying to get out?” We are too often held back by unjustified fears.

I would like to provide an additional layer in your life for encouragement and inspiration, together with my guests. To go out and explore. Small terrains, big terrains. A child doesn’t walk on the day of birth as well.

I enjoy knowing what makes people tick, especially those who serve as a big example, from whom I can learn and grow. This podcast brings together many things for me.

I was conditioned to believe that changing employers is the same as taking huge risks in life. But by nature, I’m a person who cannot work only in one environment, learn about one thing, interact with the same persons.

So I started working for a very big global IT company to get the best of both worlds, meaning: not changing employers but still getting the chance to experience different environments within a company. And I have! As Consultant and Project Manager in different Industries working with teams accross the world. But even when working at a big company, I realize opportunities can be limited. Because the world is so much bigger than the biggest company out there. Furthermore, I took too little time nurturing other interests that I have.

When I was in high school, I dreamed of having my own practice in psychology, doing research on important questions, invent and design my own therapies and programs. Actually, I had a desire to study Psychology, but because of the general opinion that Psychology was not interesting and not a good choice for a thriving career, I did not pursue it.

But my initial interest in Psychology is still there. I’m constantly intrigued. And I notice it in everything I do…When I watch a crime series, I try to go behind the why people commit crimes. In relationships, I constantly reflect on e.g. what makes people click or what make them turn hostile towards each other. I like to understand how people behave in different settings and situations, and when you get that natural back and forth in interactions.

We are often pushed into a box, like e.g. being an introvert or an extravert, but I wonder if we cannot be both and why we’d even be labelling ourselves? And what are the consequences when we do? Nothing is just black or white, because how is it then, that two people can look out of the same window and describe opposite scenaries?

And so on and so forth.

How does all this fit in me starting this podcast. Well, I believe we all need inspiring stories to grow in our own lives, and challenge some beliefs we have of ourselves and the world.

For me, podcasting provides that platform wonderfully. I discovered podcasts, unintentinally while surfing on the internet. I tumbled upon an episode on the James Altucher Show, a few months ago. James was actually the catalyst for my podcasting journey. I binge listened to many different podcasters since and focused on how they brought their messages. I got so inspired by many of them. And I felt this was my next thing in life.

I want to inspire others with interesting conversations. And I’m bringing together my interest in phychology and people, learning about many new fields, and discuss other interests that I have. At the same time, learn from people who have taken big leaps. Something we all can do as well, if we wanted to.

Write a new chapter in life. A song that encourages us to do so is ‘Unwritten’ by Natasha Bedingfield. Love this song!

It’s been a great journey up to now. That’s why I’m so excited for this launch.

Enjoy the interviews ahead. I hope they will inspire! And please do let me know what you think!

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