About Me

Do you feel you could use some encouragement in your life and career?

I’m Jane Pollard — and as you’ve probably guessed, I have a sweet spot for understanding what makes people tick, especially when they are on their way to finding greater purpose and meaning in life and career.

I’ve proudly created Behind The Story, a podcast in which I get behind the stories of entrepreneurs who have their own unique and inspiring stories to share about how they decided on their own path and now are helping others to reach theirs.

I encourage you to listen to Episode 1 – Introduction to the Behind The Story podcast, and read the shownotes as well, for some more background.

As said, I have set myself on a quest to get into the why’s and the how’s of successful entrepreneurs. And that doesn’t mean successful in money (only). Who decides on that, anyway?

What does success mean to you? And be honest! Is that success defined by you or by your environment?

I believe the basis for success is what inspires us to unite, grow and share! And with my podcast, blogposts and FB-community, I would like to offer you a multiple platform vehicle that inspires through the stories of others and encourages to take action on the next step in your career and life — while making it all feel like living your life’s dream 🙂

What we do in life -either work or private- should feel natural and pleasurable, without it being forced. A little is OK :-). And for so many of us, myself included, that is a struggle.

I have a 15+ year background in Process Consulting and Project Management in a large IT company. I’ve worked in various sectors and industries, with teams all across the globe, with huge brands, small brands, and everything in between.

I also have a keen interest in Psychology and understanding behaviors. My adoring fans😉 can call me “too much” and “direct” but I usually hear “flexible”, “dynamic”, and “knowing how to connect and link all the dots!”

When I’m not hard at work, hitting the traffic jams, or driving my son to his piano class or thai-box training, you can find me indulging in crime series, dance shows and the occasional salted caramel chocolate. I love spicy food, and go off on Bed-and-Breakfast weekends with my girlfriends, just laughing about.

I have some guilty pleasures too… of course😉

Love watching Les Reines du Shopping (Queens of Shopping) with fashion icon, Cristina Cordula. A fun loving character. With humour, grace and respect, she brings out the natural beauty of any woman.

And Les Carnets de Julie (Julie’s notebooks) by Julie Andrieu, as she pays a visit to every little corner of France discovering and preparing local dishes that have existed for ages, with local residents. Behind the tasteful dishes, we find the people, friendships, relationships, conversations, histories, landscapes, products and habits that make up for a rich culture.

Two beautiful role models, indeed!

Couldn’t be more exited for this journey. I look forward to meeting all of you storytellers!